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Great Mexican Restaurants, Pomona Style

Owned and Operated by JML Mexican Restaurants, Inc.

Our story begins in 1977, when Jaime Lepe, at the young age of 23, purchased Tropical Mexico Restaurant with two of his brothers.  Despite Jaime’s young age, he had learned the essentials of running a business from working several years at his brother-in-law’s Mexican Restaurant in Brea, CA.  

Jaime and his brother Fidel were the ones in charge of managing their restaurant in Pomona. They worked long hours, and more often than not, would barely sell enough to cover their costs.  Nevertheless, they both had the dream of one day becoming successful business owners.

Unfortunately, Fidel never got to see his dream come true. In February 1982, there was an armed robbery, which ended Fidel’s life.  

This tragic event changed the course of Jaime's life.  Devastated at the loss of his brother, Jaime decided to lease the business and move back to Mexico. After spending a few months in Mexico, he returned to the United Sates.

Jaime and his soon-to-be mother-in-law acquired Mexico Lindo Restaurant in Pomona, CA. Shortly thereafter, Jaime got married.  Jaime and his mother-in-law jointly managed the restaurant for several years, however, they eventually parted ways, and Jaime became the sole owner.

In 1996, fourteen years after the tragic death of Fidel, Jaime returned to Tropical Mexico.  The lessee contacted Jaime and told him that he wished to cancel his contract.  Jaime had no desire to run the business due to the memories the business brought, and the fact that he was busy with Mexico Lindo.  He offered to lease the business to several people; however, no one showed an interest.  Thus, Jaime decided to give Tropical Mexico another opportunity.

Currently, Tropical Mexico Restaurant is owned and operated by JML Mexican Restaurants, Inc.  Jaime Lepe serves as President and Treasurer of the corporation; his wife and children also hold board positions.  

Tropical Mexico, recognized as one of the area’s great Mexican restaurants,” could not exist today without your continued patronage! We thank you, and we look forward to continue providing you with affordable, authentic Mexican dishes and Mexican food catering.